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Only InGenius® Connector Enterprise
quickly and easily meets your unique contact center
needs, connecting your phone system to your CRM

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Know your customer and improve overall satisfaction.

Quickly see all your customer information before the call is connected, by matching phone numbers or customer-entered IVR information and automatically popping the data to the screen.


Click any number in your CRM to make a call.

Simply click on any phone record and automatically dial using your softphone or handset.


Spend less time logging between calls.

Automatically capture your inbound and outbound calls. Quickly add notes with customizable call log templates and wrap-up codes matching your business process.

InGenius Connector Enterprise is your certified integration between the leading CRM applications and telephony platforms.

Why you'll love InGenius

Expand & grow your business, leveraging tools you & your team already have in place.

Get a consolidated look into your call center operations and the impact it’s having on your customers and your business with InGenius Connector Enterprise.

Personalize the customer contact experience and increase call center efficiency.

Intelligently manage inbound and outbound calls to improve customer satisfaction and demands.

Maximize the power of customer data with your call center

Gain better visibility and control of call center operations by integrating your phone system with your CRM using InGenius Connector Enterprise.

Encourage call logging and watch as your agents meet your call center’s key performance indicators

Streamline and standardize your agents’ call logging to drive call volumes, improve customer service, and produce customer relevant reports.


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