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InGenius® is a computer telephony integration innovator focused on helping contact centers improve their productivity and the customer experience.

InGenius was founded in 1986 as a real-time software development and contract R&D provider. The company evolved over the next 25 years, offering various software-related services and building products for streaming video, dynamic HTML, unified communications, mobile applications, softphones and other telephony applications. During these years, customer software development projects in the telephony space led the team to the realization that there was significant demand for the capability to connect phones directly into the CRM. Customers wanted a product that didn’t require desktop software and was scalable to the enterprise.

In 2011, InGenius moved to an exclusive focus on computer telephony integration (CTI) to address this need. The following year, InGenius Connector Enterprise was officially launched and it continues to be our flagship product today.

Management Team

  • Dale Gantous
    Dale GantousChief Executive Officer

    Dale Gantous is an executive with over 30 years of management, sales, technical and financial experience in the software and telecom sectors. She has a Bachelor of Science Honours in mathematics, with a minor in computer science, from McGill University. After university, Dale began her career in Telesat Canada’s Space Systems Department, where she first specialized in satellite control systems and software development – beginning her career as a proverbial rocket scientist. Since 1993, Dale has been Chief Executive Office and co-owner of InGenius. Dale’s job, as she knows and loves it, is turning technical genius into a continuously profitable stream of customer satisfaction, job creation and fun.

    • Rich Loen
      Rich LoenFounder

      Rich Loen is an experienced Chief Technology Officer and senior software architect, with experience managing successful startups. He got an early start in entrepreneurship, creating his first company while still in high school, and going on to found a number of companies in Ottawa including InGenius Software Inc., InGenius Engineering Inc., sofTV.net, Rewind Technologies and IceRadio.com. Rich has developed applications ranging from shrink-wrapped products used by Nasa, universities and governments, to embedded telephony systems sold by Verizon, Mitel and Westell. Rich graduated from electrical engineering at Carleton University. Rich cares passionately about developing usable software that’s loved by customers.

      • Peter Hillier
        Peter HillierChief Technology Officer

        Peter Hillier has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and architecting of software for real-time embedded platforms, end-to-end telecommunication systems and cloud solutions. He joined InGenius from Mitel where, among other positions, he was Director of Vertical Initiatives, working with Mitel's CTO to create products and solutions targeting specialized businesses including hospitality, eldercare and education. Peter has patents around telecommunications features and infrastructures, and has extensive experience with solution architectures and product delivery across multi-site and multi-corporate design teams. Peter studied computer science at Acadia University and maintains a passion for innovation and learning the latest advancements in technologies.

        • Brian Jensen
          Brian JensenSVP, Business Development and Customer Success

          Brian Jensen is a successful entrepreneur and technology executive with over 20 years of experience in technology innovation, new product introduction and business growth. He held previous business development positions with Honeywell, SPARQ Systems and Gallium Software. Brian holds a Master of Applied Science in technology innovation management from Carleton University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. At InGenius, Brian is focused on developing strategic relationships with CRM and telephony partners, and overseeing quality and innovations in customer support. Outside of work, he enjoys football and foodie outings.

          • Jeff Knight
            Jeff KnightVP, Corporate Sales

            Jeff Knight is an executive with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Recognized as an expert in the field of CRM integration, Jeff's role is to represent and grow business for InGenius while maximizing the service and value clients receive from the InGenius industry-leading solutions. Formerly, Jeff held sales roles with sofTV.net, Zix Corporation and Entrust. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton University and he continues to expand his expertise in unified communications and software as a service. In his off time, Jeff can be found pacing up and down the sidelines at his sons' soccer, football and basketball games.

            • Kari Simpson
              Kari SimpsonVP, Product Management and Marketing

              Kari Simpson is a results-oriented senior leader, with experience guiding large development and integration projects with multiple cross-project dependencies. She has a Master of Education, focused on online learning, and she previously held senior product management roles with BlackBerry, Mitel and AutoSkill International. Kari ​developed an understanding of successful call centers by working as a Customer Service Representative at two of Canada's largest utilities - Bell Canada and Consumers Gas. As Vice President of both Product Management and Marketing for the InGenius Connector Enterprise product line, she is responsible for the delivery of product roadmaps, enterprise customer requirements, business cases and marketing strategy.

              • Jean-Francois Davignon
                Jean-Francois DavignonDirector, Software Engineering

                Jean-Francois Davignon specializes in the design and development of telephony-related software for both desktop-based and cloud-based services. He is a veteran software development manager with Scrum experience and a lot of hands-on software development practice. JF has worked on consumer products, embedded software and architected enterprise software for InGenius, Corel, Mitel and COAST. At InGenius, JF manages a large team of developers, testers and field engineers and keeps product innovations moving forward. When he’s not coding, JF likes to swim, admire pottery and sample a good batch of gourmet sausage.

                InGenius Fun Fact

                As a way to stand out in the corporate shuffle, our founder Rich Loen started giving out a pair of red Converse shoes to each new employee. The red shoes became a symbol for our identity and values, and we now pass along pairs to InGenius partners and customers as well.

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