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InGenius to proud to be a computer telephony integration innovator. If you're considering CTI or would like more information, we'd be happy to help. You can fill out our form or call us at 613‑591‑9002 x3000.

Why Book a Demo?

1  See InGenius® Connector Enterprise in action. We'll walk you through the features in the CRM platform your company uses, so you can see how InGenius looks from an agent's perspective.

2  Get answers to your questions. Curious about how InGenius will meet your unique contact center needs? We can address questions about your specific environment.

3  Explain the benefits of InGenius to others. We can help you show your executive team, colleagues and customers how InGenius increases the productivity of phone agents, enhances reporting and improves the customer experience.

4  Meet the InGenius team. Speak with us to experience first-hand the computer telephony integration expertise and 5-star support we pledge to our customers.

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