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Our customers enjoy one of the highest standards of care in the industry.

What can you expect?

Pre-Sales Support

We'll demo the product for you and your team, answer any questions, and we'll provide you with presentations and other materials to help you show your management all the features of InGenius Connector Enterprise.


We will work with you to install and configure InGenius so that it is running perfectly in your environment. You just need to have a server or virtual machine ready. We'll do a GoToMeeting or Join.Me screen share, and we'll work with you to install the software and configure it, and we'll work through any installation "gotchas." This generally takes about an hour - but some installations have been completed as quickly as 18 minutes! (Not that we were timing or anything)


Rolling out InGenius to 10 users, or 10,000 is simple. Once you've configured your server(s), and run an internal trial, adding users is often as simple as adding users to a list! We'll work with you to make sure your roll-out of InGenius is smooth and painless.

Long Term Support

Our support staff are available to support the product during normal business hours. New versions of InGenius are released regularly to keep up with changes to the CRM's we support, and to address any reported issues.

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