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Screen Pop by InGenius

InGenius screen pop allows contact center agents to quickly see all customer information before a call is connected, by matching the phone number or customer-entered IVR information and automatically popping the data to the screen. Know your customer and improve their overall customer experience.

Automated Call Logging by InGenius

InGenius automated call logging automatically captures your inbound and outbound calls. Quickly add notes with customizable call log templates and wrap-up codes that match your business process. Streamline and standardize your agents’ call logging to drive call volumes, improve customer service and produce customer relevant reports.

Click-to-Dial by InGenius

Click-to-dial by InGenius allows sales agents to make more calls in less time and accurately report activity in their CRM. Sales agents can click any phone number from any record in the CRM to make a call. They never need to leave the CRM interface and never waste time punching in numbers or misdialing.

Screen Transfer by InGenius

Screen transfer by InGenius helps customer service and support organizations keep customers happy and agents productive. Information captured and logged by an agent, as well as the phone call itself, can easily be transferred to any subsequent agents so that customers never have to repeat information.
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