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InGenius Connector Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Combine your existing phone system's established call center configurations with the rich customer information and robust reporting tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Help drive the success of your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Screen Pop

Know who's calling before you’ve picked up the phone with screen pop. Using caller ID or customer-entered IVR information, as a customer calls in, their data automatically will pop up on screen.

Do You Have Custom Entities in
Microsoft Dynamics 365?

No problem, InGenius can easily integrate with your custom entities out of the box so that you can easily relate calls to existing records, or create new records on the fly.

InGenius works with your workflow and business processes.


Click-to-dial from a name search, a configurable speed dial, our call history tab or any number field in your CRM. Save time and leave no room for dialing errors.

Automated Call Logging

Automated call logging, means every call is captured. Your built-in and custom Dynamics reports will be accurate and in real time. Leverage what you and your team already have in Dynamics reports and dashboards.

The unique UI was designed to fit beautifully within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface, giving call center agents an unobstructed view of their customers' information and intuitive call control directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Demo CTI in Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instance

If you're a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner or a Microsoft employee, check out our InGenius demo system that will allow you to demo and showcase CTI in your very own instance.

InGenius and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship

InGenius engineers have been working closely with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 team to provide insight and feedback on the development of CTI technology.

The close relationship means that InGenius Connector Enterprise can lead the way in terms of innovation and provide the very best in user interface design and application functionality. It also means that InGenius has the ability to quickly and intelligently address any updates or issues.

InGenius is a unique CTI solution that requires no desktop install was unveiled at Microsoft Convergence 2012. It has quickly become one of the most experienced and mature CTI applications.

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