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InGenius Connector Enterprise
Integrates your Existing Phone System with ServiceNow® CSM.

Screen Pop

Know who's calling before you’ve picked up the phone with screen pop. Using caller ID or customer-entered IVR information, as a customer calls in, their data automatically will pop up on screen.


Click-to-dial from a name search, a configurable speed dial, our call history tab or any number field in ServiceNow CSM. Save time and leave no room for dialing errors.

Automated Call Logging

Automated call logging, means every call is captured. Your built-in and custom ServiceNow CSM reports will be accurate and in real time. Leverage what you and your team already have in ServiceNow reports and dashboards.

Synced Call Controls

InGenius syncs with your existing phone system so users don’t have to change habits. Want to use the hold button on your phone? Of course! We can still automatically log calls whether you use a physical phone or a softphone.

Intelligent Dialing

Don't know if you are calling long distance or not? Don't worry, InGenius intelligent dialing knows, and when you call using our click-to-dial, it will automatically convert for long distance, local, internal and external calls.

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