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InGenius Connector Enterprise is an enterprise call center solution that leverages your existing telephony system to bring your call center operations directly into your CRM, helping you get a consolidated look into your call center operations and the impact it’s having on your customers and your business.

Grow Your Business

InGenius Connector Enterprise captures every call inside of your CRM, allowing you to view the areas of your business where your customers are seeking support, inquiring about products or making purchases.

Leverage Investments

Leverage your initial telephony investment with its established call queues and telephony configurations and your CRM investment with its rich customer information and robust reporting tools.

Centralize Data

Now your call center data and your CRM data are in one place, making it easier for you to obtain the metrics you need to make the right decisions for your business and your customers.

Reduce Costs

InGenius Connector Enterprise, fully integrates your call center operations into your CRM to work with your business processes, saving both time and money.


InGenius Connector Enterprise will streamline and standardize your call center operations to help drive call volumes, improve customer service and capture relevant call and customer data for detailed reporting.

Increase Efficiency

InGenius Connector Enterprise puts all your agent controls and phone controls inside your CRM so agents can spend more time with the customers, and less time fumbling around with multiple applications.

Gain Control and Visibility

Since calls are automatically logged with InGenius Connector Enterprise, you can get a consolidated view into your call center operations and quickly learn more about your customers and your call center agents ability to meet their needs.

Improve Customer Service

With InGenius Connector Enterprise, agents know who’s calling and why they're calling based on screen pop, and can more quickly and efficiently address customers’ needs and concerns.

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InGenius Connector Enterprise is a server based application that is super easy to install, works with your existing telephony system and doesn’t require anything to be deployed to a user desktop or browser. That’s right... NO DESKTOP INSTALL!

Use Your Existing Systems

You don’t need to change out your telephony system, InGenius Connector Enterprise will work with your existing telephony system and its established call queues and routing. It will even integrate with your custom objects inside of your CRM.

Trusted and Certified Solution

InGenius Connector Enterprise is certified on multiple telephony and CRM platforms.

Easy and Fast Deployment

InGenius Connector Enterprise deploys in about an hour. We even provide a dedicated deployment team to ensure installation goes smoothly and all your questions get answered. We are with you every step of the way!

Fast End User Adoption

With an intuitive UI and direct integration into your CRM, limited IT resources are needed to support end users with InGenius Connector Enterprise.

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InGenius Connector Enterprise can help you to intelligently manage your inbound and outbound calls to improve customer satisfaction and meet management demands without ever having to leave your CRM or fumble around with other applications.

Streamline Your Workflow

Change your agent state, answer a call, take notes and transfer a call to a colleague, all inside the CRM. Everything can be done directly in the CRM without switching to another application.

Provide a Personalized Touch

With InGenius Connector Enterprise, calls come to you with context. InGenius provides you with the customer data you need to support your call through screen pop or bookmark transfer.

Successfully Capture Every Call

Say goodbye to manually logging your calls! InGenius Connector Enterprise will automatically capture your inbound and outbound calls along with the associated record, your notes and a wrap-up saying how the call ended.

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“InGenius Connector Enterprise allowed us to integrate our diverse global call center operations directly into Salesforce without a desktop installation. The quick installation time, tight integration with our Avaya phone system, and flexibility of the application to integrate agent functionality and custom applications made InGenius Connector Enterprise an easy decision when vetting and selecting an enterprise level CTI call center solution.“

Erik Coll, Manager, Network & Telecom Architecture Citrix
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