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8 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

By Harper Reid  /  Published on August 22, 2019

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You had the perfect customer service team. Hard workers - cheerful, engaged, and hauling in gushing five-star reviews and covetable revenue. But in horror, you watched the staggering statistics unfold before your eyes. Valued members of your team revealed themselves as part of the 50% of employed Americans actively looking for a new job.

Don't let skilled employees slip away for lack of motivation. Recent studies estimate that in the US alone, decreased productivity drains 600 million dollars every year. Unmotivated workers are a serious problem, not only for the US but for businesses across the world. According to a 2018 Gallop Poll, only 15% of the world's workforce is actively engaged in their job.

The link between workplace motivation and productivity is undeniable. Higher team productivity generates increased profits - thus, effective motivation is crucial. Even small motivational strategies can have a huge impact on workplace productivity.

While cutting out workplace disengagement won't happen overnight, small steps can have big effects down the line. Bring attention in your workplace to an all-time high with these effective ways to increase motivation within your team.

Provide Career Advancement

Managers often dismiss customer service employees leaving due to job dissatisfaction; however, interviews suggest otherwise. Ambition plays a huge role in employee retention. Many people are willing to maintain a dissatisfying job for the promise of potential career advancement down the line.

Managers must provide their employees with the opportunity for new responsibilities, the ability to showcase their skills and to grow increasingly wiser in their field. Encourage your employees to climb the corporate ladder and bring further insight and value to your team. This can be as simple as creating new positions with small increases in pay and responsibility. Motivate your employees and unlock their potential by providing clear goals and engaging work.

Nurture Career Growth

Many employees consider their customer service job as a stepping stone to new opportunities. Listen to individual ambition and goals, and position employees into roles that suit their career goals.

Foster learning in the workplace by allowing employees to learn and up-skill. New skills will help keep your team engaged and satisfied and will often serve to increase your bottom line as well.

Show Appreciation

As straightforward as it sounds, a simple "thank you" can go a long way. Expressing gratefulness for a job well done promotes engagement and stronger work relationships. Thanking your team or an individual for good customer-focused work can be an extremely simple, yet powerful, way to motivate your team.

Customer Service team holding trophy.

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Create Incentives

Incentives can be a great way to motivate your staff throughout the year. Get creative with your incentive plan! Ideas include an early finish for the best customer feedback of the day, or a gift basket to the employee with the highest targets met for the month.

Foster Relationships

Studies have found that stronger bonds in team sports positively impact a team's strength and its chance of successes. The workplace is the same. Fostering workplace relationships helps to develop a healthy team mentality and increases engagement. Organize work events and encourage activities like after-work social outings.

Support Communication

Communication is crucial to successful team dynamics. Encourage employees to regularly check in with you and their fellow team members. Look for new ways to increase team communication. These could include going for a walk outside, taking turns to ask questions, having lunch as a team, or taking a work-related quiz together.

Real-time messaging tools connect employees with a platform allowing for better collaboration and communication. Find a suitable messaging system where employees can chat and build comradery during work.

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Embrace Technology

Motivate your employees by providing quality, efficient software tools. In addition to this, make sure you provide the necessary training and support. Modern software is updated constantly - so teach your employees to watch for changes themselves. Coach your employees to investigate challenges together and to share solutions with each other. Encourage them to embrace change by helping them to focus on the benefits of new software.

Show Empathy

Each manager shows empathy in their own way. For your team, this could mean providing extra sick leave or funding a training session for an employee's chosen skill. Most of all, be approachable, show understanding and sincerity, and listen to your employees.

Empathy helps to build employee loyalty and reinforces the bond between you and your team. Empathy increases team productivity, staff retention and simply makes for a more enjoyable work environment. Best of all, it won't cost a thing.

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