Salesforce Call Center Tips: Display Call Duration in Minutes

By Rich Loen  /  Published on October 30, 2018

In this post, we showed you how to add call duration to a Salesforce Activity page. However, you might have been reading through it and thought - hey wait, Salesforce is only showing me call duration in seconds! That might work just fine for you and your organization, but some of our users will want to display call duration in minutes. Here's how to do it.

As the Salesforce Administrator in Lightning, navigate to Setup and then select the Object Manager tab. Click on Activity.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Setup, Object Manager, Activity

Select Field and Relationships, and then click on New.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Fields & Relationships, New

Select Formula as your data type and click Next.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Custom Field, Formula

Enter in the name you would like. I used "Call Duration (Min)" here.  Then choose Text as the Formula Return Type and click Next.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Create Field Name, Select Text

Switch to the Advanced Formula tab and then copy and paste the following text into the highlighted space shown below.  After you've pasted it, click Next.

IF((MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) > 10, TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + ":" + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ), TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + ":0" + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ))

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Advanced Formula

Select the profiles you want to be able to see and/or edit this field and click  Next.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Field Level Security

Check the box next to Task and any other layouts you want the field to appear on. Finally, click Save.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Add to Layouts

Navigate to a task and you should now see Call Duration (Min) displayed on that task page.

Salesforce Lightning Display Call Duration in Minutes - Task Layout

You can now see that there are 2 Call Duration Fields - one displays duration in seconds and one outlined in red that displays call duration in minutes (this is the custom field we just created).

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