InGenius connects your existing Mitel® phone system with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 or Salesforce®, using computer telephony integration (CTI). The solution offers phone controls and functionality like click-to-dial, call pops, automated call logging, intelligent dialing and CRM screen transfer, integrated directly within the CRM. The InGenius solution makes your contact center agents significantly more productive and provides an improved calling experience for your customers.

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Supported Mitel Platforms

InGenius supports Mitel MiVoice Business and MiContact Center Business. The solution for Mitel works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRMs.

For Mitel MiVoice Business, InGenius offers rich configuration options for your existing IVR, multi-line support, and capabilities to pre-fill and screen pop standard and custom objects or entities.

Adding Mitel MiContact Center Business to your set-up extends the power of InGenius even further with features like agent support for different queues, account codes and person codes from Mitel MiContact Center Business, Mitel MiContact Center softphone support, and Omnichannel integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Proven ROI

InGenius allows you to use your existing phone infrastructure and business workflows, so no time is wasted on reconfiguring your system. InGenius is designed to integrate with your current IVR, call queues and routing. Your contact center has unique needs and InGenius is adaptable to them, giving you maximum integration control, and a proven path to reliably increase the return on investment you’ve made into your telephony and CRM platforms.

Mitel Integration Video

Watch how InGenius increases agent productivity, while providing a better, overall customer experience by connecting Mitel MiContact Center Business to your CRM.

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Read more about the features and key benefits of InGenius for Mitel.

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With a long history of partnering with Mitel, InGenius takes pride in being the CTI vendor of choice to many leading Mitel customers.

The software is highly (and easily) configurable and has allowed us to tailor it to our exact needs. It has been working very well for the past six months across two sites (London & New York) both using Mitel controllers. The software is backed up with excellent customer support, both from the implementation team through to the technical support.

The InGenius and Mitel Relationship

The InGenius team has a long history of partnering with Mitel and is committed to continuous innovation as a Mitel Solutions Alliance Developer Partner. InGenius works with Mitel on an ongoing basis, to ensure its solution is supplying integrations for customers requiring high levels of contact center productivity and a better customer experience.

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