InGenius combines your existing Twilio® phone system with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 or Salesforce®, using computer telephony integration. CTI boosts the efficiency of your phone agents and improves the customer experience for callers using features like click-to-call, screen pop, automated call logging and automatic case creation. Contact center managers have native CRM administration for simplified management and easy deployment.

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Supported Twilio Platforms

InGenius supports Twilio, and the solution can easily integrate to your CRM without any professional services needed. InGenius for Twilio works with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and Salesforce® CRMs.

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InGenius is designed to make adapting to a CTI solution as seamless as possible. It works with your existing Twilio phone system and CRM so there’s no need to change systems, and teams are up and running as quickly as possible. InGenius can be configured to work exactly how it needs to for your individual business. With less time spent on processes, users can focus on the parts of their job that matters most.

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InGenius is proud to provide advanced computer telephony integration to world-class, enterprise customers.

InGenius is a way of life. It helps us protect our people, the company and our reputation, while delivering great customer service.