InGenius Connector Enterprise connects your existing Genesys phone system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ServiceNow, using advanced computer telephony integration. With InGenius, your service agents’ phone controls are integrated directly in the CRM window, and productivity features are included out of the box, such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging, intelligent dialing and CRM screen transfer. The InGenius solution helps increase the efficiency of your help desk and service center, and the overall satisfaction of your callers.

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Supported Genesys Platforms

InGenius Connector Enterprise supports Genesys PureEngage. The solution seamlessly integrates your existing Genesys phone system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ServiceNow without any professional services needed. The solution for Genesys works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015 and 2016 online and on-premise, ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM).

Proven ROI

InGenius preserves the investment you’ve made in your telephony and workflows, by leveraging your existing set-up. This applies to your hardware, IVR system, call queues and routing. InGenius next generation computer telephony integration means you can easily activate the unique workflows required by your service center, eith no new phones to purchase and no reconfiguration needed. You save time and money, which translates into a rapid return on the investment you’ve made into Genesys and your CRM.

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InGenius DELIVERS computer telephony integration to WORLD-CLASS customers THAT NEED ADVANCED PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES.

InGenius has offered best of breed computer telephony integration for years, and we're thrilled ServiceNow CSM customers can now take advantage of this fantastic productivity tool.