Use InGenius Connector Enterprise to combine your existing phone system with the rich customer information and robust reporting tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Help drive the success of your contact center agents and improve the customer experience with features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging, intelligent dialing and CRM screen transfer.

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Supported Microsoft Dynamics 365 Versions

InGenius Connector Enterprise supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 online, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015 and 2016 online and on-premise. InGenius has a unique user interface that’s designed to fit seamlessly in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides your call center agents with intuitive call controls and a clear view of customer information, directly within the CRM. The solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and Mitel phone systems.

Powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

InGenius easily adapts to your business processes and workflows when connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your telephony platform, to help you achieve your contact center’s objectives. You have maximum flexibility and full control over the adaptable user interface, speed dials, call log templates and user buttons for different call groups. InGenius even works with your custom entities so that agents can associate calls to existing records, or create new records automatically.

How InGenius Works

InGenius seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Dynamics 365, adding a small user interface to the side of the CRM window. The InGenius interface contains phone controls, caller data and call notes. InGenius is deployed without any desktop installation, making rollout and upgrades quick and simple. The solution is hosted inside your firewall and data is saved in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – not on an external server – ensuring reliable security.


As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, InGenius provides leading enterprise organizations with top-rated computer telephony integration.

InGenius Connector Enterprise was not only easy to implement with Microsoft Dynamics, but it was easy to use by our telemedicine physicians. Our reporting to management and the customer is much better, and we reduced our call time because the tool was so intuitive. Overall, it is much better than the previous CTI solution and as a result, we are expanding the use of InGenius to our other centers around the globe.

Partner Demo System

InGenius has a demo environment for Microsoft employees, consultants and integration partners to give live presentations on the benefits of InGenius Connector Enterprise. You can use the demo system to show computer telephony integration to customers in your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance, without connecting a phone system. The demo environment is built to showcase features like click-to-call, screen pop and automated call logging on both inbound and outbound calls, so you can tailor your presentation to the requirements of your customer.

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