Automated Call Logging

InGenius® automated call logging automatically captures your inbound and outbound calls. Quickly add notes with customizable call log templates and wrap-up codes that match your business process. Streamline and standardize your agents’ call logging to drive call volumes, improve customer service and produce customer relevant reports.

InGenius Connector Enterprise enables contact centers to increase their agent productivity and call capacity while providing a better overall customer experience. With features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging and screen transfer, InGenius equips sales and service teams with the tools required to quickly and efficiently support meaningful customer interactions.

One key feature with InGenius Connector Enterprise is automated call logging.

Ashley is a contact center agent. Throughout the day, she receives calls regarding questions and requests, about her organization’s products and services. With InGenius, Ashley uses the call log templates configured by her business to quickly enter notes and add relevant information about each call.

Ashley’s organization standardizes the format of logging for ease of management, and to ensure all required information about the call is captured.

When the call ends, she chooses a disposition code defined by her business and logs the call in Salesforce. With automated call logging, Ashley spends more time with customers and less time on call wrap-ups.

Ashley’s managers are able to leverage their existing reporting tools to measure agent performance and make intelligent management decisions, based on call data InGenius automatically stores inside Salesforce.

InGenius ensures there is visibility into all call activity, enabling a 360-degree view of the customer interaction. For more information on telephony integration for Saleforce visit us today at