Click-to-dial by InGenius® allows sales agents to make more calls in less time and accurately report activity in their CRM. Sales agents can click any phone number from any record in the CRM to make a call. They never need to leave the CRM interface and never waste time punching in numbers or misdialing.

World-class sales organizations use InGenius Connector Enterprise to improve agent productivity and sales results. InGenius integrates your existing phone system with Salesforce and provides key features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging and screen transfer, enabling your agents to work quickly and efficiently.

One key feature within InGenius Connector Enterprise is click-to-dial. Click-to-dial allows your agents to be more productive by making more calls in less time.

Rick’s job is to call prospects and to sell his organization’s products and services. Rick starts his day by dialing through a list of leads in Salesforce. His goal is to quickly dial through the list of numbers and speak with prospects who may be interested in his product, quickly log notes about each call and make sales.

With click-to-dial by InGenius, Rick clicks any phone number in Salesforce to make a call. Rick never needs to leave the Salesforce interface, and never wastes time punching in numbers or misdialing from his desk phone. The user-friendly InGenius interface allows Rick to make more calls each day. Click-to-dial is available from any record in Salesforce, including leads, contacts, accounts and custom objects.

To reach a prospect at a specific company, Rick uses click-to-dial from the list of contacts in that Salesforce account. Finally, Rick is able to use click-to-dial from the convenient InGenius search bar, entering a name or phone number then clicking the appropriate number indicated by the business or mobile icon. He also utilizes the configurable speed dials for numbers he calls regularly.

Rick’s calls are automatically logged in Salesforce so Rick gets credited for his work and his manager is able to see reports about his call performance as the day progresses.

Using click-to-dial, Rick and his co-workers can call more prospects each day and can report their activities accurately.

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