InGenius Blended Agent

InGenius® blended agent allows contact centers to use their existing phone system while bringing in other channels like chat, email, cases and SMS, for an omni-channel customer experience. With InGenius blended agent, representatives can manage all interactions through a single pane of glass and focus on work that brings value to their organization.

InGenius blended agent solution allows the agency to use their existing telephony system and then bring the other channels in that they want to manage – so chat, email, cases, SMS – and manage it all through the single pane of glass using InGenius inside their CRM.

Blending involves a single agent handling more than one channel, and while that sounds relatively easy, I can do some case work while I’m not on the phone, the reality is that there’s a lot of complex scenarios that develop.

So we can multiplex those channels together in the browser and deliver a chat when a chat is available, or deliver a phone call when a phone call is available, and interleave those channels together all using one interface. They don’t have to do swivel-chair, switch applications, it’s going to all be through the single pane of glass using InGenius Connector Enterprise, inside the CRM.

Looking at your business and where you get the most value out of your business, you need to be making those conscious decisions of I need my agent focused here, I need them not being busy picking different things that needs to be pushed to them automatically, these are what the priorities are going to be, these are the behaviors that I want.

Even things like time of day. People may be more apt to chat during work hours, so your chat volumes go up, but before work, at lunch and afterwards your call volumes go up. How do you migrate those users around? Can your system handle that?

Understand first – you know – what channels you want to integrate in with the phone channel. Understand how that phone system is configured. Understand how the business process is going to work for the other channels, and create some documentation that allows you to fully define the requirements of how that’s going to work.

Then the implementation becomes easy. So there’s a requirements phase, an implementation phase, and then roll that out with a pilot group and then expand to the rest of the organization. And that’s largely the approach that we’ve used with our larger customers to deliver omni-channel solutions, sort of, globally to those organizations.