InGenius CTI Pop Out for Salesforce Lightning

The InGenius® pop out feature for Salesforce® lets agents use their interface for computer telephony integration (CTI) in a new browser window, so it doesn’t block important information in Salesforce. Increased screen real estate improves the usability of Salesforce Lightning, as representative can now see all relevant information unobstructed.

Are you tired of your CTI widget sitting in front of important Salesforce information? InGenius new pop-out feature lets users open the CTI connector in a new browser window.

Now you can arrange it anywhere on the screen. For example, to the left like the Classic look, or if you have one, on a second screen.

This is one way InGenius improves the customer experience, by enhancing Lightning usability and giving you screen real estate, so important information is always at the agent’s fingertips. For more information, visit us at