Mitel MiContact Center Business with Salesforce and InGenius Telephony Integration

InGenius® Connector Enterprise integrates Mitel® MiContact Center Business into Salesforce® Sales Cloud® or Salesforce Service Cloud® to increase agent productivity and call capacity, while providing a better, overall customer experience.

InGenius Connector Enterprise integrates MiContact Center Business into Salesforce to increase agent productivity and call capacity, while providing a better overall customer experience. With features such as such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging and screen transfer, InGenius equips service teams with the tools required to quickly and efficiently support customer interactions.

Here is a contact center representative named Steve. Steve starts his day following up on cases in Salesforce. With click-to-dial, Steve never needs to leave the Salesforce window, and never wastes time punching in numbers or misdialing from his desk phone.

With intelligent dialing by InGenius, click-to-dial always works, regardless of the country or area code the user and the caller are located in, and the format of the phone number stored in Salesforce.

All of Steve’s phone controls are located in the Salesforce window, eliminating the need to switch between windows or fumble with his desk phone. He can see the duration of the call, set his MiContact Center account codes and quickly enter notes based on the configurable call log template.

Using multi-lines, Steve places the call on hold to dial out to the second line support to gather more information for the customer.

After a brief conversation with his coworker, Steve realizes he needs to transfer the customer call to the repair department. Using screen transfer by InGenius, all of Steve’s call notes, related objects and currently open records are automatically popped on his co-worker’s screen, so the customer doesn’t need to repeat any information. Once the call is transferred, he chooses a wrap-up code defined by his business to log the call in Salesforce.

When Steve is ready to receive calls, he logs into his call queue as defined by MiContact Center Business, and sets himself to ready to take calls.

When Steve receives a call, his screen pops the customer’s contact, account, case, opportunity or custom object depending on the company’s workflow, by matching either the caller ID or the customer-entered IVR information. Steve has a complete view of the engagement history, allowing him to provide a warm start to the call and eliminating redundant questions to the caller.

Steve’s managers are able to leverage their existing reporting tools from either their CRM or their supervisor console in MiContact Center Business to measure agent performance and make management decisions based on their call center data InGenius automatically stores in Salesforce. InGenius ensures there is visibility into all call activities, enabling a 360-degree view of the customer interaction.

71% of call centers report that system and tool inefficiencies disrupt and slow down agents. Having the tools and information required to provide exceptional customer interactions makes the difference between winning and losing customers. For more information on telephony integration into Salesforce or additional information on the blended agent experience with MiContact Center Business and Salesforce Omni-Channel, visit us today at