Integrate Existing Phone Systems with Salesforce Einstein Bot

Easily escalate Salesforce® Einstein Bot chats to a phone agent with InGenius® computer telephony integration. If a customer is chatting with an Einstein Bot and needs help with something that it can't handle, the customer can select "have someone call me". On the service side, an available agent will see the request and can click-to-dial. The result? Efficient agents and excellent customer service.

This is Bob. He’s been without power all day and is waiting for a technician who missed their appointment. He starts up a chat with an Einstein Bot on the Zap Electric website, but this interaction needs a human touch. From the chat window, Bob requests a callback.

Meanwhile at Zap Electric, a contact request is routed through Salesforce Omni-Channel to the next free agent. Using InGenius to accept the work means this agent can dial out to Bob, pop a new case and have the transcript on hand, all with a single click. Bob doesn’t need to repeat any information.

The result? Efficient agents and excellent customer service. This exceptional customer experience was brought to you by Salesforce Einstein, Live Agent, Omni-Channel, InGenius and the phone system. For more information, visit us at