Salesforce Lightning with InGenius Telephony Support

InGenius® supports the Lightning Experience in Salesforce® Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud®, seamlessly providing click-to-dial, screen pop, call logging and more, in this new platform. The InGenius user interface you know and love is now fully redesigned for Salesforce Lightning.

InGenius is excited to be working with Salesforce as a collaborator on the Lightning Open CTI program. With features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging and screen transfer, InGenius continues to be a leader in CTI. InGenius will be there to deliver a modern and intuitive user experience of Salesforce Lightning.

With click-to-dial by InGenius, the agent clicks any phone number in Salesforce to make a call.

When the agent receives a call, her screen pops the customer’s information by matching the caller ID or the customer-entered IVR information. All information about the caller is at the agent’s fingertips, allowing her to provide a warm start to the call and reduce redundant questions to the caller.

All of the agent’s phone controls are located in the Salesforce window, eliminating the need to switch between windows or fumble with her desk phone. The agent can see the duration of the call and quickly enter notes based on the configurable call log templates.

Using screen transfer by InGenius, when the agent transfers the call, all of her call notes, related objects and currently open records are automatically popped on her co-worker’s screen, so the prospect doesn’t need to repeat any information.

Once the call is transferred, the agent chooses a wrap-up code defined by her business and logs the call in Salesforce.

InGenius has a history of innovating for the Salesforce community – from being the first to provide Open CTI integration to Salesforce, to our more recent launch of telephony support for Omni-Channel – and we’re proud to add another milestone to our portfolio.

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