Salesforce Omni-Channel in Lightning with InGenius CTI

InGenius® Connector Enterprise provides deep integration with Salesforce® Omni-Channel in Lightning to increase productivity for blended agents who handle other channels during breaks in phone activity. Agents don't have to actively set their status as InGenius ensures their telephony and Omni-Channel statuses are synced.

InGenius Connector Enterprise provides deep integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel to ensure world-class contact centers have productive phone agents and happy customers.

Ashley is a blended customer support agent. Her role is to provide product support for a variety of channels, including email, chat, cases and phone. Throughout the day, Ashley is pushed work items and phone calls through the InGenius interface. All calls and Salesforce Omni-Channel work items are integrated directly into this interface.

InGenius keeps agent status in sync between Omni-Channel and the phone system, allowing Ashley to handle other channels during breaks in phone activity. When she receives a call, InGenius pops the customer record and changes her telephony agent state to “on the phone”. Her Omni-Channel presence state is changed to unavailable, so that Ashley can focus on the call without the distraction of emails, chats or cases being pushed to her.

When Ashley concludes the call, InGenius logs the call in Salesforce, and her telephony and Omni-Channel states automatically change to available, showing that she is ready for the next work item or call.

Giving Ashley the ability to handle multiple channels means improved efficiency and decreased labor costs for her contact center.

Charles is the contact center manager. Since InGenius automatically stores presence states in Salesforce, he can use powerful Salesforce reporting to view each agent’s state and productivity without needing to get reports from the phone system. He can view a detailed record of Ashley’s presence throughout her shift, and a summary dashboard that shows how she’s doing compared to the rest of the team.

InGenius and Salesforce provides Charles with a 360-degree view of his agents, so he can take action and drive a more efficient call center. For more information, visit us today at