Salesforce Sales Cloud with InGenius Telephony Integration

Upland InGenius enables Salesforce® Sales Cloud® users to increase their productivity and outbound call capacity. Having advanced outbound calling features helps teams improve the experience for their prospects and close more sales.

Upland InGenius enables Salesforce Sales Cloud users to increase their productivity and outbound call capacity with features like click-to-dial, intelligent dialing, a preview dialer and automated call logging.

Steve is a sales rep. His goal is to quickly dial through a list of numbers and speak with prospects.

With click-to-dial, Steve can make calls right from the Salesforce window. He doesn’t need to manually dial, there are no misdials and he is able to make more calls.

With intelligent dialing by InGenius, click-to-dial always works, regardless of the country, area code or the format of the phone number.

Steve can also see the duration of each call and his phone controls directly in Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch between windows.
An InGenius preview dialer is available to give outbound teams context on each prospect before their calls connect.

The preview dialer pops a screen showing Steve information about each outgoing call in a campaign, allowing him to review information before placing the call. Steve can quickly work through a campaign list and make genuine connections with each person he contacts.

Teams with Salesforce High Velocity Sales can also use InGenius with their work queues.

If a prospect calls Steve back, his screen pops the caller’s information by matching the caller ID. This means Steve doesn’t need to ask the identity of the potential buyer, making for a more personal business interaction.

At the end of a call, Steve quickly enters notes using configurable call log templates and wrap-up codes defined by his business.

Steve’s managers can use Salesforce reports to measure performance and make management decisions based on the call data InGenius automatically stores in Salesforce.

InGenius provides visibility into all touch points, enabling a 360-degree view of the customer interaction.

Having advanced calling features helps sales teams provide a better experience to prospects and close more sales. For more information on telephony integration for Salesforce Sales Cloud, visit us today at