Why InGenius?

InGenius® adapts to unique contact center workflows and only takes an hour to install. With an intuitive user interface and click-saving automations, this computer telephony integration solution ensures fast agent adoption. Why InGenius? A professional sales team, a product that delivers fast ROI and fantastic customer care make InGenius the right CTI choice.

My name is Dale Gantous and I’m the CEO of InGenius. I’ve been CEO of InGenius for a long time.

One of the things that InGenius gives our customers that is unique, is our ability to adapt our software solution to their unique workflows. They’ve invested in their phone system, they’ve invested in their CRM, they’ve invested in devising workflows that they need their agents to follow, to deliver the value to their customers.

What we’ve done is build it from the ground up so that it could be adapted to unique workflows. The architecture supports this automatically while maintaining the integrity of the software product.

Our software installs in an hour and a lot of people don’t believe it – believe it, it’s true, and that’s because it’s a software product, it’s not a custom development, it’s not a big implementation project, it’s not a big professional services product. We walk our customers through the installation of the software, we prepare them in advance, within an hour that software is installed and they’re ready to deploy.

Our user interface is the best in the world. I may be biased, but it is the best in the world, and that means the customers get fast agent adoption, the agents start using it very quickly.

Basically, we save tons of clicks along the way, from answering the phone just by a single click, taking their notes and logging the calls, customizing the wrap-up codes according to what the customers want, so that everything happens automatically.

And if you go look us up on Salesforce AppExchange you’ll see what our customers say about us. They give us five-star reviews, I think, for three reasons.

One, is the initial contact they have with our company, with our sales team, is extremely professional.

Secondly, the product. They are delighted with the fast ROI our product delivers, with the seamless experience they have in CTI.

And thirdly, oh do we ever have a fantastic customer care team.

Our partners: Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, as well as our telephony partners, they keep bringing customers to us because they see how happy we’ve made their customers.

I would like anyone considering InGenius to know that as CEO, my whole company will stand behind your success in this project. We’re very happy to run a no-risk pilot for you, so that you can have InGenius in your environment and confirm it is going to achieve your CTI objectives, and we stand behind that guarantee.