Using Omni-Channel to Innovate the Customer Experience

May 16, 2017
Duration: 38 minutes

Customers today expect to be served how and when they want, whether it's by email, phone, chat, web or social media. An omni-channel model can serve these customers' needs, as well as harness agents' downtime so they can do other work when not on a call.

Contact centers must invest in new tools and agent training to address new channels of customer communication, but implementing and deploying new service channels can be difficult and expensive. Luckily we have some shortcuts to share that can make implementing an omni-channel approach as painless as possible.

In this webinar we'll show:

  • The ways omni-channel can improve agent productivity and drive call center efficiencies
  • How omni-channel innovations benefit customers
  • Product-specific best practices for making omni-channel deployment easier

Presenter: John Hastings, Product Specialist, InGenius

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